With the Wind and the Stars


With the Wind

and the Stars

An immersive documentary series that takes you into the lives of women who fly

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7% of pilots are women

It’s time for that to change


Are you ready to fly?

With the Wind and the Stars is currently in production and will be traveling to a city near you- soon! Stay in touch with us on social media for upcoming screening dates in:

Oregon, Washington, Vancouver B.C. and Montreal


Meet The Pilots


With the Wind and the Stars exists to uplift and inspire all women to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams by celebrating the stories of women in aviation.

Each episode places you into the life of a daring pilot.



EPISODE 1 - Launching an Airline

“I will step into the darkness of the unknown and one of two things will happen. I will have something solid to stand on or I will be taught to fly.”

Teara has been a pilot for over 15 years, since a life-changing flight over Botswana sparked her passion for flying. As a single mom with no background in aviation, she thought getting her pilot’s license would be next to impossible. Thanks to her determination and tenacity, she became a pilot in just one year. Soon she’ll be able to add a new accolade to her resume: CEO and founder of Iskwew Air. “Iskwew” is a Cree word that means “woman." Launching on International Women’s Day 2019, Iskwew Air will be Canada’s first 100% indigenous woman-owned airline.

As a proud Métis woman working in a male-dominated industry, the significance of this historic achievement motivates Teara to move forward. She says, “It is important to see ourselves represented.”

With a mission of connecting people and the land, Teara hopes to reclaim the matriarchal roots and heritage of her community while promoting indigenous tourism.



EPISODE 2 - Third Generation Pilot

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. He gave me a dream."

Following in her grandfather and father's footsteps, Nour dreams of becoming an airline pilot. Her dad flew 727's for Syrian Air, but sadly he passed away when Nour was only 5 years old.

Because of the war in Syria, Nour moved to Canada in 2017. Soon after, she began researching how to get a pilot's license. When she joined a flight school in Quebec, the news traveled quickly to her dad's old flying buddies, who were excited to cheer her on. She even received support from Syria's first and only female airline pilot, Wedad Shujaa, who also had to leave her country due to the war.

Nour earned her pilot's license in September 2018. Now she's working towards her ultimate goal- flying for Air Canada and continuing the legacy of her father and grandfather.



EPISODE 3 - Building Her Own Plane

“I’ve had people tell me ‘You can’t build a Starduster, you can’t fly this type of airplane, it will be too challenging for you.' My response is ‘Well I’m a really challenging person, so it’s a good thing I’m building a challenging airplane, we’ll be perfect for each other!'

Hannah is not your average 21 year old. She’s been a pilot for almost 4 years, goes to school for aviation maintenance, and practically lives at the small Oregon airport where she’s building her own airplane. She believes every plane has a unique personality, especially older planes with historical significance. As she puts it, “I’m all about the old airplanes. I learned to fly because I wanted an 80 year old biplane... I like those old things!"

Her airport friends call her a “wing-nut” because of her expansive knowledge of engines and for her determination to build the notoriously difficult Startduster Too aircraft.


The team

We celebrate the stories of women


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Director & Editor

Rachel has been creating 360 videos for several years as an editor and producer with 360 Labs. She loves giving viewers access to places and points of view via the immersive medium of 360 video. Her work has screened at FIVARS Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories, Boulder International Film Festival, and the Portland Film Festival. She is a Certified Expert in Adobe Premiere Pro and teaches 360 camera operation and video editing at NW Documentary.

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Associate Producer

Jessica loves reading, writing and creating good stories. She's worked for Oregon Business magazine, Oregon Home magazine and TriMet, using her skills to craft narratives for companies of all sizes who need help finding their voices. Currently, Jessica juggles her time between KGW as a Content Discovery Editor and as a freelance creative so she can pursue fun passion projects, like With the Wind and the Stars. When Jessica's not working, you'll find her spending time with her dogs or sampling Portland's burgeoning food scene.



Contributing Producer

Kerri is an artist, futurist and feminist, exploring story and culture through documentary, virtual reality and public engagement with a desire  to expand access to technology and use of storytelling as a crucial way to affect social change.  She is a documentary Producer/Editor and has worked in post production on major motion pictures. Kerri teaches 360/VR documentary storytelling at NW Documentary in Portland, OR and is the creative director for the youth programs Produced by Her and Recording Resilience at NW Documentary in Portland, OR.



Spatial Audio Engineer

Corey has worked in traditional recording studios, audio post-production film/broadcast, and location audio. Not being afraid to experiment and be at the forefront of technology led him on his journey into spatial audio and VR. When VR hit the market, Corey knew that audio was going to play a major role in fully allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the experience. The idea of working with spatial audio in its infancy where there is no set rules truly got his creative mind ablaze. He jumped right into this new expression of sound and has gained valuable knowledge working with not only post processing spatial audio, but various different ways to capture audio for 360/VR on location.


Why 360 Video?


Immersive documentaries are powerful because they engage the mind and body in the story.


360 virtual reality video is transformative. It is wholly immersive and completely engaging. All of your senses are heightened. You believe you are there, wherever there happens to be…

In With the Wind and the Stars, that is the cockpit of an airplane in the sky, next to the runway watching planes takeoff and land, and inside of a bustling hangar.

But it is also at the dinner table, seated beside a pilot studying for her upcoming exam. It is in her office as she prepares to launch her own airline. And it beside her, watching as she inspects the flying wires that will soon adorn the plane she’s building.

How will I watch this series?

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With the Wind and the Stars is coming to a screening near you and will be experienced in an immersive headset used with virtual reality systems like the Oculus Go, Google Daydream, or Samsung Gear VR.

Episodes 1 and 2 will premiere in the fall of 2019. We’re looking for community partners to help bring this film series to a wide audience.

If you would like to host a screening in your area, or be notified of screenings please contact us.


Support Us

We are proud to build a community around this important film series and appreciate support from those who share our mission.

With your help, we can continue production and bring our film series to a wider audience! Any and all donations are welcome and deeply appreciated. Contributions over $200 will receive thanks in the film’s credits and on our website. You can also support us by signing up for our mailing list. We’ll keep in touch with you about our progress, upcoming opportunities to support on-going film production, and future screenings.


Our Sponsors


With the Wind and the Stars would not be possible without the support of sponsors who believe in our mission. Thank you to our generous sponsors!


360 Labs - 360 Labs is a production company specializing in 360º immersive panoramic photography and video with more than a decade of 360 video production experience. Their goal is to create meaningful and memorable experiences for virtual reality, desktop, and mobile applications. They strive for exceptional quality in the 360 medium, employing advanced panoramic photography techniques, stereoscopy, photogrammetry and gigapixel capture. 360 Labs creates truly customized experiences for each client, providing VR application development where a solid user experience is at forefront for every project.

Regional Arts and Culture Council - RACC provides grants and services for artists, organizations and schools. RACC serves the Portland metropolitan region, including Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties. RACC provides grants for artists, nonprofit organizations and schools; manages an internationally acclaimed public art program; raises money and awareness for the arts through workplace giving; convenes forums, networking events and other community gatherings; provides workshops and other forms of technical assistance for artists; and oversees a program to integrate arts and culture into the standard curriculum in public schools throughout the region through “The Right Brain Initiative.”

NW Documentary - NW Documentary’s mission is to practice, teach, and share the art of non-fiction storytelling. With the  core belief that “everyone has a story and everyone is a storyteller,” NW Documentary makes digital tools accessible so youth, adults, and community organizations can tell their stories. Since 2003, they have trained over 1,300 adults and 265 children, resulting in 450 films.

The University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication in Portland- Located on the historic White Stag Block—a landmark in the middle of the biggest media market in Oregon—SOJC Portland is home to the industry-facing Agora Journalism Center, two professional master’s programs, and the new Oregon Reality (OR) Lab. Director Rachel Bracker is a graduate from their Multimedia Journalism Graduate Program and a proud Duck!

Oregon Arts Commission - The Oregon Arts Commission was established in 1967 to foster the arts in Oregon and ensure their excellence. Nine Commissioners, appointed by the Governor, determine policies, establish long-range plans, and review applications to grants programs to determine funding levels.

The Arts Commission is supported with general funds appropriated by the Oregon legislature, federal funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, and funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust.